Revisiting Lyme Resources

Hi everyone,

I hope this post finds you having a good day.

I’m writing because something occurred to me today and I want to share it with you.

When Christina was diagnosed right before Christmas, our doctor recommended a few books to introduce us to this new Lyme world in which we now lived . One that he recommended was “The Beginner’s Guide to Lyme Disease” by Nicola McFadzean.  So I got it from Amazon, and settled down to finally understand what was going on with my daughter.

What I found, however, were acronyms like IDSA, CDC and ILADS.  I found conflicting points of view about treatments, and a host of medications I had never heard of. My first reaction was to be overwhelmed, and to shelve the book for a later date.   That was 6 months ago.

Well, yesterday I pulled it out again. And this time things were different.  I am now familiar with the acronyms, as well as the various treatment options and methods.  In short, the book has become a much more valuable resource for me.

So my advice to those who may have put aside materials that felt too advanced? Re-visit them!

In the beginning, there is so much information – websites, facebook pages, books.  It’s overwhelming to say the least.  But let some time and experience pass, and check out those resources again.  Like me, you may find that you are now ready to absorb all that they contain.


Permethrin Clothing

Have you heard of this?  I found out about it a few weeks ago.  Permethrin is a tick repellent that can be sprayed onto your clothing, as this sheet explains:

permethrin fact sheet

In addition, there are now clothing manufacturers that make clothing already permeated with permethrin.

Insect Shield brand

10 Best Repellent Clothing Items

I don’t know about you, but for me these items make the great outdoors seem a little less threatening.

Under Our Skin

Hi everyone,

I recently came  across this documentary called “Under Our Skin” —

Here is information from the website:

“A chilling tale of microbes, medicine and money, this Oscar shortlisted film has changed the landscape of the Lyme epidemic, bringing unprecedented awareness in an engaging and accessible way. The definitive record of the Lyme controversy, UNDER OUR SKIN exposes a hidden story of medical and scientific malfeasance and neglect.  As official case numbers explode and hundreds of thousands of people around the world go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, the film is as relevant and timely as ever.”

Below is a link to the trailer.

I will be watching the complete documentary, and hope to show it at one of our meetings.

Let me know what you think when you watch the trailer.

Under Our Skin

Giving and Receiving

So, we’re on our way to a family vacation – planned for almost a whole year. The morning we are supposed to go, my daughter tells me she just can’t do it.  It’s just too much.  She has not been feeling well all week, so this really doesn’t surprise me.

Reluctantly, off we go without her- as I have 4 other children who have been counting the days to fun in the sun.

Headphones in place, we are happily making progress toward our destination.  My daughter’s doctor returns the call I have made to him, tells me we need to take her to the hospital, and, just like that – our vacation turns into a STAYcation.

Unsurprisingly, my other children said nothing – not one complaint.  They would rather give up a week at the beach than have their sister alone and sick.

My daughter, though,  felt bad about the whole thing.  As she and I were talking about it, I asked her if she felt mostly like a “receiver” rather than a “giver”.  Immediately she said yes.  It was then that I realized something – she needed to know that though she WAS on the receiving end of lots of our attention, she gave us so much.  The reaction of my other children was proof of this.

How about your situation?  If you are the one who is ill, please don’t feel you are only a drain on your family and friends.  You are an integral part of all the people in your life.

And if you are the caregiver, let your sick one “give ” to you – even if it’s just a smile.  Tell them how much they mean to you.  It goes a long way.




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